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[[Image:|Rune of Elysium]]
Alignment Neutral Good
Number of layers 4
Associated Faction Transcendental Order
Inhabitants of Elysium

Magical Effects

Abjuration No change
Alteration No change
Conjuration/Summoning Summoning spells fail to function on a native of Elysium, causing them to be much more difficult to cast here. Summoning spells may bring nonnative creatures, but any such beings who are of good alignment gain a +4 bonus to their saving throw to resist the summoning.
Divination Divination spells that obscure, hide, or falsify information fail 100% of the time on Elysium.
Enchantment/Charm All charm and hold spells fail against any natives of Elysium. They may function on nonnatives, but good-aligned beings receive a +4 bonus to saving throws vs. these spells.
Illusion/Phantasm No change
Invocation/Evocation No change
Necromancy Any necromantic spell that causes harm or inflicts damage fails entirely, with a 33% chance of backlashing on the caster.
Elemental Any summoned pseudoelementals on Elysium are automatically free upon summoning, working willingly for the summoner if summoned for the cause of good.