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<div class="mainHeader">Welcome To Timaresh</div>
<div class="mainHeader">Welcome To Timaresh</div>
<div class="mainSubHeader">The Mirrored Library</div>
<div class="mainSubHeader">The Mirrored Library</div>

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Welcome To Timaresh
The Mirrored Library

In the center of the great rilmani city Sum of All, a building of strange angles stands, obviously not of rilmani construction. Ancient even amongst their number, the Mirrored Library once known as Timaresh holds untold amounts of lore from across the Multiverse.

A wiki kept for Planewalkers' Journies and other related games in the Planescape setting. While this wiki does include a good deal of expansion and elaboration on existing sources, at its foundation it is based wholly on canon Planescape sources, and thus should be usable for any Planescape campaign.


Abiorach to Kanchelsis
Karasuthra to Yeenoghu's Realm
Yen-Wang-Yeh to Ālambāyana

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