Elixir of longevity

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Elixir of longevity PRICE
225,000 gp
SLOT none CL 20th WEIGHT
AURA strong transmutation

The elixir of longevity is a rare creation, a more powerful variation of the elixir of youth that is brewed by only the most skilled wizards or alchemists. This elixir, when quaffed, shaves potentially decades off of the drinker's life.

When quaffed, this elixir immediately reduces the drinker's age by 1d8 x (1/10th adulthood age for drinker's species) years. If this reduces the drinker to a lower age bracket, penalties due to age are removed, but bonuses are not; these bonuses cannot be re-obtained when the drinker again reaches that age category. However, it is not foolproof; each elixir of longevity quaffed has a cumulative 1% chance of negating all previous elixirs of longevity consumed.


Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be 20th level, wish or the eternal youth grand discovery


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