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Citadel Alluvius, one of the Doomguard's four negative quasielemental headquarters, "stands" on a rotating disc of dust in the Storm of Annihilation in the Quasielemental Plane of Dust under the lead of the somewhat odd Doomlord Pereid. Once a great tower, it's since fallen flat, yet is still occupied without much in the way of internal rebuilding. With Dust the most traveled of the negative quasielementals, Citadel Alluvius is unique amongst the Doomguard citadels for actually having some degree of openness and even popularity to outsiders, even having gone so far as to appoint an entire "floor" towards providing succor for passersby.

Strangely enough, Citadel Alluvius is not only the most open to non-members, but most often the destination for the truly devout, more philosophical members wishing to personally experience entropy, the plane's ability to render anything to nothing seen as the ultimate representation of the phenomenon. The citadel often hosts dozens upon dozens of members with little more desire than to step beyond the wall of force that surrounds the citadel and spend time upon time exposed to the direct corrosive power of the plane itself; occasionally to the point of their own total personal dissolution.


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