Dawn Cataclysm

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The Dawn Cataclysm is a little-understood event that occurred amidst the Faerunian Pantheon some time between Hashkar -1500 and Hashkar -1000. The details of this event are unknown, as it seems to have happened entirely out of sight of mortals, but some associated facts have filtered down from that realm's deities to their followers over the centuries. What is known about the event is that it involved an attempt by Lathander, a major power of the sun, to reshape his native pantheon in his own image some time after the fall of one of Toril's major civilizations, Netheril, possibly as some sort of response to the death of Amaunator, another sun power associated with Netheril. This event led to the death of at least one power — Murdane, goddess of pragmatism — due to the machinations of Umberlee, and possibly was contributory to the division of Tyche and the descension of Jergal, as well as possibly being semiotically responsible for the end of Jhaamdath, another of that world's civilizations.


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