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Demonomicon of Iggwilv (Minor Artifact)
SLOT none CL 18th WEIGHT 3 lb.
AURA Strong conjuration [evil]

This thick tome is bound in brass with a cover of deep purple leather. A clasp shaped like a three-fingered demonic hand holds the covers tightly shut.

The Demonomicon is a notorious text penned by one of the most infamous scholars of the Abyss - Iggwilv the Witch Queen. Only six copies of this fabulous tome are thought to exist.

The bearer of the Demonomicon casts all spells with the evil descriptor as if he were 5 caster levels higher. Also, the owner gains a +5 bonus on Charisma checks made as part of a planar binding or similar conjuration spell if the target is a demon, and a +3 bonus if the target is any other type of evil outsider.

The first five pages of each copy of the Demonomicon are blank. Each of these pages functions as a gem suitable for the purposes of casting spells like magic jar, minimus containment, or trap the soul that bind souls or whole forms to them (but no other spells). These pages are not destroyed when used as the material component of a spell and may be used multiple times. If a soul or creature is trapped within one of these pages, a distorted shadowy face reminiscent of the bound ebing's visage appears on the parchment. Although this image does not move while being directly scrutinized, it changes whenever the tome is closed or unattended. Creatures trapped within the Demonomicon are aware of their surroundings but cannot directly interact with them. However, the creature with the highest HD bound with a Demonomicon may, once per day, use the spell dream on any creature who has touched the tome within the last 24 hours. Trapped beings can also be contacted and conversed with through the use of spells like detect thoughts or Rary's telepathic bond.

Beyond its use as an enchanted item, the Demonomicon is a tremendous resource for demonologists. Each contains a set of spells unique to these tomes penned by Iggwilv herself, all intended for use alongside a planar binding enchantment.

  • Dolor (Sor/Wiz 5) - Cause a creature trapped in a planar binding pain, compelling it to agree to some service.
  • Ensnarement (Sor/Wiz 6) - Augment the effectiveness of a magic circle prior to casting planar binding.
  • Exaction (Sor/Wiz 7) - Make a sacrifice to gain bonuses when trying to compel service from a creature in a planar binding.
  • Torment (Sor/Wiz 7) - Similar to dolor but causes greater pain.
  • Minimus Containment (Sor/Wiz 8) - Bind a creature from a planar binding into a gem.
  • Imbrue (Sor/Wiz 9) - Bind a creature from a planar binding into a living host.
  • Implore (Sor/Wiz 9) - Call and trap an elemental or outsider of 24 HD using its true name.

Further, each holds lore on dozens of fiends, including true names, though in this respect each copy of the Demonomicon differs as old names are erased and new ones added by various owners. A copy of the Demonomicon will contain treatises on dozens of fiends, detailing the ambitions, domains, cults, and servants of various major personalities; some written by Iggwilv, but others written by various later owners over the centuries since their creation. Amongst these are scattered the true names of 4d6 evil outsiders of CR 1 to 12, and 1d6 evil outsiders of CR 13 or higher (most often demons), occasionally even including beings on the scale of an Abyssal lord.

Of the six copies known to exist, one has recently surfaced in the trade town of Krestible in the realm of Oerth, in the former sanctuary of a cult of infernalists following a raid. The exact location or owner of the other copies is unknown, but it's commonly assumed at least one, possibly more, are in the possession of Iggwilv herself.


Demonomicon of Iggwilv


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