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Karasuthra, the land of midnight, is the lowest layer of the Beastlands, and here Noctos rules alone in the sky. With only the scantest of illumination, a visitor to Karasuthra can barely see their own hand in front of their face, as the full face of Noctos provides the only illumination. Even flames won't break the darkness, with any attempts at lighting a fire or other nonmagical light failing utterly; Noctos absorbs the light almost instantly as is its nature. As Krigala is never darkened, so to is Karasuthra never lit. Magical light sources do function here, and light sources brought from elsewhere continue to burn, but only at 50% intensity, and only for 50% of their normal duration. And of course, the light in a realm of endless night is sure to bring unwanted attention.

As varied in terrain as the other layers of the Beastlands, Karasuthra has no shortage of life within it. Animals that dwell within Karasuthra are those who act most in the depths of night, when the darkness allows them to hide most effectively. Inhabitants of this layer include owls, panthers, and bobcats among others.[1]


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