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Formerly a powerful organization, respected almost the multiverse over for its knowledge and experience, the Planewalker's Guild today is but a shadow of its former self. Displaced by the rise of the factions, it consists today of a small number of resolute members, insistent on promoting the exploration of the planes, each for their own reasons. Today, its headquarters can be found upon the Infinite Staircase, a crossroads perhaps less well-known than Sigil, but no less functional. It is lead presently by Hav'run Thain, a minotaur from the world of Krynn, and his everpresent companion, the Vagis.


900 years ago, this organization was based out of Sigil, as one might expect. Predating many factions, it originally formed as a loosely organized social club, and a means for various planar travellers to exchange information and advice on locations they discovered in their travels. Quickly gaining popularity, it soon grew to at least 3000 members, with safehouses throughout the planes and one of the most extensive libraries and map collections on the topic of planar locations in the multiverse.

Eventually, though, the factions began to grow in importance in the Cage. After 400 years of prosperity, membership began to decline for the simple reason that factions began to enforce exclusive membership; association with other guilds or clubs was no longer allowed. The very term planewalker itself began to fade, no longer a term of respect for cutters of this guild but merely referring to any general traveler of the planes. Most members of the guild drifted away, with only a small core group of members keeping up its existence.

Finally, realizing Sigil was no longer a place for them, and carrying a good deal of resentment for the factions that grew to replace them, the group became nomadic, drifting from one place to another but never settling for long. It continued to lose both membership and money, forced to sell off much of its collection merely to survive. Eventually, though, some 100 years ago the guild found the perfect location for them to remain, a hub for the planes almost as vast as the City of Doors itself, perhaps even more so. The Infinite Staircase was decided to be their new home, and the guild set up kip right on one of its many landings.


The center of the Planewalker's Guild consists of a number of tents erected in a shanty town on one of the largest landings of the Staircase, even spilling over onto the nearby stairways. It can be found a mere 6 hours ascent from the base of the Staircase in Selune's realm, accessible easily by those coming from that location. Though the guild has dwelled here for some time, over a century in fact, no effort has been made at erecting any more permanent structures, as the very nature of its members is that of exploration. Even the leaders of the Guild leave at times, succumbing to the wanderlust that marks each member.

The Guild provides many amenities to those who stay here, both to members and non. Though freeloaders are frowned upon, all here recognize the importance of a rest stop now and again. The Guild is a welcome place for both food and conversation, with the scent of cooking and the clatter of its members marking its location for dozens of stories both above and below. The Guild is also a handy place for finding equipment, both standard and exclusive; belissan torches, which can be found lining the landing, can be purchased here for a mere one gold piece, and the special properties of belissan ensure they're useful for any traveling the stairs.


Membership in the guild is fairly open, if slightly exclusive. Before they are considered full members, a prospective inductee must be recommended by an existing member of the guild, and they must be able to pay a full year's dues in advance. After joining, their membership continues so long as they are able to keep up their payments; 10 gold/level a year. Though any can take advantage of the most basic of services of the Guild, access to its planar library is limited to true members. Also with membership comes the aid of its members where ever they may be; whenever a traveler meets another member while out in the planes, they can be fairly well assured of getting help, a bit of food or shelter if necessary, and often times even aid in combat or other difficult situations when necessary.

There is no restriction on membership; those of any kind, class, or alignment can join the guild. However, evil folks are less likely to fully participate in the fraternity of the Guild, and thus those that seem to have such tendencies tend not to last long. Further, the lillendi that guard the base of the Staircase have little love for baatezu (and thus devil-descended tieflings) or modrons, and thus such members usually must find the Guild through one of the portals to the Staircase elsewhere.



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