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Abyssal Lord
Pantheon: Reptilian Pantheon
AoC: Dominion, civilization, lizard kings
Worshippers: Khaastas, lizard kings and the lizard folk they rule
Symbol: Clawed green reptilian hand
Home p/r: Abyss/Phantom Plane
Allies: None
Enemies: Semuanya
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Domains: Community, Destruction, Nobility, Scalykind, War
Subdomains: Blood, Family, Home, Leadership, Rage, Saurian
Known Proxies: None

One of the less forward demon lords, Sess'innek rarely makes his presence known on the greater multiverse. Appearing as a six-armed lizard king with brown vestigal wings, it is that kind for which he is best known. It is one of Sess'innek's few actions outside the Abyss that are to thank for the creation of the lizard kings; an invasion of Faerun, the major continent of Abeir-Toril, some 35,000 years ago, against the then-dominant sarrukh empire. As his legions of khaasta swept through the Prime, they rampaged through a number of lizardfolk villages to gather slaves, leaving behind lizard king offspring in their wake. It is largely this kind to thank for Sess'innek's slowly growing divinity, bringing him closer and closer as time rolls on to the position of a true power.

Though nowadays lizard kings make up the bulk of the forces Sess'innek commands, khaasta still hold an appreciable position in his ranks. The khaasta have always been one of his most preferred sources of soldiers amongst the planes, since even long before the Faerunian invasion of eons past.

As of late, Sess'innek has withdrawn even further into the Phantom Plane than before. Always bored by the Blood War, he has since decided (as of near 50 years ago) to remove himself from it entirely. Since his decision, he has sealed himself into his realm, allowing only those with his express permission entry. As such, his current status, as well as that of his realm, is only vaguely known to those outside.


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