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  • ...across the planes of chaos, where they do all they can to protect works of creativity, both mortal and non. Art and creativity are the center of lillendi culture in every aspect, the most valued and tre
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  • ...n methods of traveling the planes, the Infinite Staircase extends anywhere creativity can be found. Its reach is nearly as vast as that of [[Sigil]] itself, tho The Infinite Staircase is attracted by nothing more than creativity itself. Though rarely found in the middle of nowhere near an especially cr
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  • | [[Mystryl]] || CN || creativity, magic, song, time || [[Faerunian Pantheon]] || Slain by [[Karsus]]
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  • ...ere. As have, of course, many failed attempts. Such is the pure force of creativity and risk here that the [[Infinite Staircase]] itself spawns here, touching
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  • ...lity and twist you to evil, there's no end to the variety and, admittedly, creativity to what the Abyss can conjure up to terrify and torture mortal and immortal
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  • ...s, and [[tiefling]]s followed soon after. And through them, a new rush of creativity was brought to the Blood War, the flexibility of mortals bringing new persp
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