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Greater Power, "The Reaper"
Pantheon: Oerthian Pantheon
AoC: Death, darkness, murder
Worshippers: Assassins, murderers
AL: NE WAL: Any evil
Symbol: Skull and scythe
Home p/l/r: Carceri/Othrys/Crypt
Allies: Incabulos, Talos
Enemies: St. Cuthbert
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery
Subdomains: Catastrophe, Deception, Loss, Murder, Psychopomp, Tanar'ri
Known Proxies: None

Though significant upon Oerth, Nerull has little presence on — or interest in — the planes as a whole. Given his status as a vicious deity that revels in death and is celebrated only by those that inflict it, and that has no desire to interact with other deities or forces of power, there are few on the planes that would choose to follow him either, but for a few newly-recruited Dustmen that haven't yet abandoned their passions. This isn't helped by the fact that his realm, the Crypt, is found within the prison-plane of Carceri; by choice, as Nerull wishes not to be disturbed by any but his followers. While he and his followers are known to consort with fiends at times, even these interactions are purely one-directional, far more similar to that of a Prime wizard attempting to bend a fiend to his will than the interactions between two planar peers.


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