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Beings on par with quasi-powers or hero powers, abyssal lords are tanar'ri with sufficient power to hold reign over at least one, if not more, layers of the Abyss. While not quite true divinities, many (especially those with deigns on godhood) cultivate cults or religions in their name so as to attempt to enhance their own power. Amongst the best-known abyssal lords are Pazuzu, Graz'zt, Fraz Urblu, and Zuggtmoy. Some current Abyssal powers once held this rank as well, ascending through the breadth of their cults and the fervency of their worshippers: such former lords include Baphomet, Demogorgon, Juiblex, Yeenoghu, and the since-deceased XXXXXX.

Unlike true powers, abyssal lords can only grant spells of up to 3rd level; 4th if they appear in person. However, in all other respects they act as true powers, including favored weapons and domains. Most divine casters of abyssal lords are oracles, with few clerics among their ranks.


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