Alisohn Nilesia

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Alisohn Nilesia
CE Female tiefling wizard 9
Home: Sigil
Allies: Duke Rowan Darkwood, Mercykillers, Fated, Fraternity of Order
Enemies: Xaositects, Revolutionary Order
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The youngest factol in the history of the Mercykillers, Alisohn Nilesia has placed her mark not only on the faction, but on the entire city of the Sigil more quickly than any blood in a very long time. Ascending with lightning speed from the lowest of lows, she has taken a route that only the foolish would have predicted, devoted to her cause with an utter intensity that even those ten times her age would envy. A skilled spellcaster with a sharp mind for investigation and coordination alike, she has brought the Mercykillers to new heights of efficiency, if in a manner that causes Swan's Son's followers to look askance. Still, despite what one may say of the morality of her changes, none can deny that under her leadership, more lawbreakers have been brought to justice and fewer have escaped the bonds of the Prison through any means but death. Since her appointment, she has spent her time (when not dealing with other faction matters) personally reviewing every single case under Mercykiller purview, determining in her best judgement where justice has not yet properly been done and acting accordingly.

Born in the Prison in Hashkar 108, she never knew her family; her father is unknown to her even today, her mother a thief that died in childbirth in the 8th month of a 4-year sentence. As with all such children, she was immediately put in the care of one of the Mercykillers' ward matrons, Joslyn Nilesia. It was under her tutelage that as soon as she could read she was introduced to the intricacies of law both in and out of town, the importance of always abiding by it, and the dangers that arise when one treads outside its boundaries — chief of those dangers, the Mercykillers themselves. Nilesia took to her lessons with great fervor, desiring nothing more but to live up to the ideals of the faction that provided her only true home, the people that made up the only family worth acknowledging.

It was at the age of eight that tragedy again hit Nilesia, with the sudden death of Joslyn. The circumstances of her death — sudden heart failure from an unknown illness — led to all manner of speculation, but Nilesia ignored these rumors. Applying immediately for membership of the one place she felt she truly belonged, she was shattered when her application was rejected by Factol Mallin himself, seeing the ranks of his faction as no place for a child of her age. Still, she kept at it, honing her budding talents at spellcasting through pure self-study, proving her skills and intelligence as best one her age was able. It was at age 11 that she was finally accepted into the faction's ranks, after parlaying her apparent harmlessness into uncovering the location of a Revolutionary League safehouse on the edge of the Hive, leading to the capture and arrest of over two dozen Anarchists.

Though many members scoffed at her, she rose rapidly through the ranks, quickly gaining a reputation for unbreakable focus; once she set her mind to a goal, nothing and no one could shake her from it until it was accomplished. By the age of 15, she had been appointed Justice Dispenser, charged with assignment of duties for the entire faction. The loudest voices against her were soon silenced as they were reassigned to Vorkehan or retrieval missions in the lowest depths of the Lower Planes, where their words would no longer echo in the Prison's halls. Without their constant nay-saying wearing on her and distracting others from appreciating her talents, she was finally selected late in Hashkar 126 to replace Mallin following his unfortunate passing, herself only weeks before the age of 19.

In the two months since, she has quickly moved to overhaul what she had long seen as the worst of the injustices in the faction's traditions and standards. While the most attention has been paid to her sentencing reforms, she has also done much to change the methods by which lawbreakers and criminals are discovered, bringing to justice some that had evaded detection or been ignored for years. Recent cooperation with the Fated, who Mallin had long had a great disgust for working with, has provided the greatest boons, their long records alone leading to the capture of over 200 out-of-town violators of justice. And of course, rumors continue to spread of the spark that seems to have arisen between Nilesia and Lord Darkwood ever since the two factions have begun cooperating in earnest; rumors that neither seems especially quick to deny.


Alisohn Nilesia
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