Asuras' Bridge

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This wide, arched stone bridge in Amoria crosses the River Oceanus at one of its deepest points, the only bridge for hours in either direction. It is guarded by a rogue asuras, who lets none pass the bridge before an interrogation, allowing through only those who he has determined are not evil. Some are allowed to pass without molestation; guardinals, eladrin, aasimar, and other such celestial beings may cross without incident, as may any proxies of a power of Elysium. Petitioners of Elysium must convince the asuras that they have business on the far end of the bridge, while nonnatives of Elysium are stopped and questioned as to their inner nature.

This nameless asuras, however, is a bit barmy in the head after so long without a power to serve. As such, his questions range from the sensible to the ludicrous. However, the asuras still possesses the ability to detect lie, and as such it is not recommended to try to speed your way through by saying what he wants to hear. Those who are in fact non-evil are eventually allowed to pass, assuming they were patient enough to endure the questioning without attacking the asuras out of frustration.

Those who last through the asuras' questioning end up sharing his ability to detect lie for 24 hours after their crossing.

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