Baragon Swiftwind

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Baragon Swiftwind
LN Male athasian elf psion 7
Home: Golden Hills
Allies: Gnomish Pantheon, trade centers across the planes
Enemies: None

Having stumbled through a one-way portal decades ago on the Prime world of Athas, Baragon Swiftwind has managed to make a place for himself in the Outer Planes resuming his former career, traveling from city to city buying and selling gems and goods both mundane and magical. Though his business brings him across the Great Ring, he often finds his way back to the Golden Hills of Bytopia, collecting gnomish goods to trade elsewhere across the planes. Though psions are not unknown on the planes, they're uncommon enough that he tends to keep his skills quiet, using them only when necessary so as to preserve an advantage when threatened.

As an Athasian elf, he appears quite different from his more traditional planar kin. He stands just over seven feet tall, his physique well-toned rather than the slimmer build of most elves. Adding to his presence, his hair and eyes are both a bright gold, matching well with his dark tan skin. To complete his presence, he dresses in the most vibrant purple and red silks, cut in a personally-designed style he claims was quite popular amongst the nobility of his former home.


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