Benazir Singh

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Benazir Singh
LG Female human paladin 16
Home: Pashrita
Allies: None
Enemies: None

A devoted follower of Surya, Benazir Singh has served in his name for many years, healing the sick and spreading his blessings to those in need. Unlike some, though, she has kept her attention to home, the realm of Surya Loka within Venya, where she ensures that the people of Surya Loka do not depart from dharma by forces either without or within. Such is her devotion that she was chosen as first citizen of Pashrita, one of the realm's largest cities. She has not let this detract from her calling, however, and she can still often be found walking the land upon her steed, Bhōra, whenever she can find time away from the requirements of her position, searching for any that could use aid or guidance.


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