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Sitting between the Quasielemental Planes of Mineral and Radiance, Brighthome appears as a vast cavern, its ceiling only barely visible from the "ground". Both ground and sky in Brighthome are saturated in minerals of all sort, emanating a very slight glow of light and heat that becomes ever more intense the closer one approaches to Radiance. As one approaches the plane of Mineral, the light shrinks and the cavern begins to divide into innumerous tunnels digging through the mass of the plane. Towards Radiance, the light grows more intense as the cavern grows ever wider and the minerals become more frequent, until eventually the space about the traveler is nothing but a sea of glowing crystals; further along, the crystals themselves become ever smaller until they eventually leave nothing but the glow.

Brighthome holds the majority of Mineral's small villages, many outsiders prefering the wider expanses and natural lighting of the realm to the closer and more dangerous tunnels of Mineral proper. Hundreds of small Prime-settled mining communities can be found scattered about Brighthome, most near to the pseudo-border with Mineral for convenience of work.


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