Celestial Schism

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As one of the first major divides between celestials, this event is quite prominent in the histories of both the archons and eladrins, though the guardinals to this day still attempt to play down its after effects.

In the distant past, a vast celestial army was formed to wash over the lower planes, and wipe out every trace of the fiends from existence. It failed drastically, resulting in one of the only recorded baatezu/tanar'ri allegiances (if a very temporary one) in order to repel the attack. Afterwards, when the armies retreated back to their home plane, debates began on alternate tactics to use against these foes. These debates soon grew quite heated, quickly reaching the level of a shouting match, and on occasion even outright violence as representatives of one side or another grew increasingly aggravated at the lack of progress.

Overall, out of all the positions expressed at these debates, three were most prominent.

  • Some wished to face both forces simultaneously, but in small surgical strikes over an extended period, with the intent to be to whittle down both armies and reduce the overall threat without posing enough of a threat to form a new fiendish allegiance. Most of those holding this view tended to be archons.
  • Some wished to marshal forces against a single side in an erstwhile "allegiance" (though certainly no formal agreement) until it was wiped out or all but, at which point focus could be shifted to the other side. Most of those holding this view tended to be eladrin, though they were quite well divided as to which kind to focus on first — some thought ending the tyranny of the baatezu as quickly as possible to be the greatest good, while others wished vengeance against the tanar'ri for Androlynne.
  • The remainder wished to leave the whole lot alone and not risk disrupting the balance of the Blood War, as with their attentions so wholly focused on one another, their influence was confined to their home planes far more than it was likely to be otherwise. Celestials expressing this view were close to evenly divided, including many simply tired of war and/or wishing their attentions shifted to more directly beneficent pursuits.

In the end, it was the latter that won out, as those expressing the first two views simply could not come to any sort of compromise. However, the ill will spawned by these debates has been quite tenacious; while many celestials amongst both the archons and the eladrins have little bad to say about their opposing counterparts, others (especially those with long memories) hold a strong distaste for the other side that refuses to be healed.

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