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The Center of Eternal Dreams stands near what's commonly considered (by the Signers, at least) the center of Faunel. A complex of makeshift shelters built around a massive, well-deteriorated cathedral, this facility serves as a way station for the Sign of One and a facility for out-of-town activities, giving them a place to show the flag and engage with outsiders without the risk of bringing them all the way to the Dreamhearth. Its name has two meanings: while the varied solipsistic views of Signers are often referred to within the faction as "dreams", it also refers to the complex's role as a new center of research into and education from the dream hunters of Merratet, whose connections to and with the Signers have been growing in recent years.

The ancient cathedral at the center of the complex is one of the largest still-standing structures in Faunel, though it of course isn't in pristine condition. Worn enough that whatever religion it may have once stood for is lost to the ages, its roof has long-since collapsed, its stained glass windows are all seemingly burst from within, and its interior stone is scorched here and there by what seems to be an ancient explosion or other burst of flame. Woven wall-hangings and tapestries cover where the windows gape open and plain canvas tarps are stretched over the open roof where possible, giving at least some minor protection within from the elements. Though during Faunel's worst weather, Signers in the cathedral still tend to either congregate in what fully enclosed rooms still survive within, or move operations into one of the more solid structures surrounding the cathedral.


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