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LE Male noble baatezu
Home: Abriymoch
Allies: Gazra, Pearza, Zaebos
Enemies: Naome (dead), Zapan

Serving as leader of the city of Abriymoch, Duke Chamo of Phlegethos is the most powerful baatezu in the layer below Fierna herself, and one of the more powerful dukes of Baator overall given Abriymoch's importance to the layer. He has served his role for centuries, since Lord Belial ruled the layer, and in his time he has put together a network of connections across the planes that rivals some archdukes. Though it's been an open secret since the days of Belial that he seeks eventual rule of the layer, he has managed to survive attempt after attempt on both his life and his power, proving his power and political guile (though the fact that Zaebos is a former lieutenant and still a close ally of his doesn't hurt).

Before their passing, Naome, consort of Belial, was a common foe of Duke Chamo on the political field. So tenacious was this feud that on regular occasion it would nearly come to public blows before the appearance of Belial to soothe relations. Though many suspected Chamo for their passing, none have been able to connect him to the planar invaders that ended their life, and since then, he has been largely unchallenged in his domain. Since the Reckoning when Lady Fierna was placed in power, he has only gained in influence, careful to play Belial and Fierna off each other and distract them from his own plans.


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