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CN Female firre
Home: Sigil
Allies: Koe, Tripicus
Enemies: Fated, Harmonium
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A rising political figure in Sigil, Cirily represents and leads the Planarists, a sect hoping to eventually reach faction status. They stand for keeping Sigil and the planes purely for planars, insisting that Primes remain on their own plane. She, and her organization, feel that Primes take opportunities and resources from those that have earned them upon the planes, and that they lack for any true culture or art.

A very private person, little is known of Cirily's background. What is known is that she was, as all firre, once entrusted with guiding and encouraging the development of art upon the Prime under an illusory veil. Word from those that knew her then say that at the time, she was as any eladrin, not merely devoted but passionate in her pursuit. During some incident, she publically dropped her veil, leading to the standard punishment of banishment back home to Arborea for 1,001 years. After the completion of this sentence some decades ago, she began to express her newfound distaste for the Prime and their art, leaving Arborea for the Cage and organizing the Planarists. It wasn't until the rise of Duke Rowan Darkwood, however, that she began to regularly speak out, using the existing distaste for the Fated to help spread her beliefs. Word has it that she also has some connection with the celestials Koe and Tripicus and their actions towards the Blood War, but no details have made themselves known; especially odd, given Tripicus's well-known interest in the Prime.

As of Hashkar 126, following an incident at the Trianym, Cirily seems to have vanished from the public eye. Her current whereabouts are unknown, and though the Planarists are continuing their work, they have suffered for her absence and oratory skills.

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