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Located in the deepest sections of Empty Winter on the Quasielemental Plane of Ash along the border to the Negative Energy Plane, the Crumbling Citadel is the second of the Doomguard's citadels to be built upon the plane, after the theft of Citadel Cavitius by Vecna some centuries ago. This great stepped pyramid is under constant reconstruction, suffering oddly untoward levels of deterioration even for the Doomguard, to the point that some have muttered rumors of a curse laid upon the building by Vecna himself. Led by the reclusive Doomlord Devland, the Crumbling Citadel is one of the few outposts of the unpopular deceleration sect of the Doomguard; very likely because the citadel on the whole is itself quite unpopular with the faction, few wishing to take the chance at a repeat of the Citadel Cavitius incident. As a result, little happens here not related in some manner to that sect, and the citadel as a whole is largely sidelined within the faction.

Within that sect, however, can be found the idiosyncratic organization known as the Sifters: a group of Doomguard that believe Ash is the remains of that consumed by the slow, multiversal inferno that is the plane of Fire eating away at the rest of reality. Thus, they see it as their duty to help dampen the multiverse's entropy by recovering what surviving materials they can from the Ash and restoring them to their original state. Whether or not their theories on the nature of Fire are true, they've explored Ash more than near any other mortal organization, and few know more of its nature than they.


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