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An important feature of many Olympian faiths, a defixio is a small scroll or sheet of lead on which an individual's prayers or requests to the god they follow are written and then buried. Defixiones are used by the faiths of Hermes, Hecate, the Furies, Hades, and Persephone, the underground powers or those that have some level of prominence over the pantheon beyond the divine structure.

Defixiones are usually written in the individual's native language, though small inscriptions or words in Infernal or Abyssal will be added as directives towards the gods, as mortal languages are often thought to be unsuitable for directives to the gods; Celestial is rare, but occasionally used should the intent be suitable. When directed against a specific target, small figurines or fetishes will be buried alongside them, intended to better identify the target of the defixio.

In cities with large Olympian populations, pre-written defixiones will often be sold outside courts, bath houses, brothels, and temples — those areas where people would be most likely to wish to use them. These tablets run one or two copper apiece, and are filled out but for the name of the target, which can be written in by the purchaser. "Blank" fetishes will occasionally be sold along with them for an extra two copper, for even greater convenience.


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