Desert's night

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This small, red blossom is a flower indigenous to the desert of Ankhwugaht, the realm of Set. In its basic form, it carries strong sedative properties. Merely inhaling a deep waft of the scent of this flower is sufficient to send a person on a deep mental journey, pleasantly reliving any number of old memories in such a fashion that psychic wounds can be better recovered from, past traumas healed; though on occasion, it can sent someone instead into a state of temporary paranoia. Further, when properly brewed, desert's night can be used to create an herbal drink which restores to an individual stolen memories, reversing the effects of forget, obliviax, the river Styx, or other such means.[1] Its existence is known to few, kept a close secret by Set and those who follow him.


  1. Upon deeply inhaling the scent of desert's night, the user must make a Will save on DC 10. Failure of this save sends the user into a state of deep paranoia for 3 full days. Success causes the flower to act as restoration; mental ability scores only.
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