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An entropy blade is a special weapon unique to the Doomguard, given only to their greatest champions. Each blade is constructed specifically to oppose a given threat to entropy, anything from a druidic enclave caring for a forest to the Great Modron March itself; once a blade's task is complete, it dissolves to nothing, as befits a creation of the Doomguard. Given the potential breadth of these tasks, though, it can take years, decades, or even lifetimes for a blade's task to be fulfilled, and often the blade will be passed down by its bearer after their death to ensure entropy's progress continues.

Each blade is individually constructed for its bearer, selected specially by a Doomlord and, if they accept, given the title of "entropy champion". When selected, such a member of the Doomguard must then undergo a ritual of fasting and purification over the next week, cleansing and preparing their body. Once ready, they're brought before the molten steel that their blade will be made from and chained nearby, where the Doomlord that has selected them peels away enough of a layer of skin to line the inner surface of the entropy blade they will bear. This skin is forged directly into the blade along with various binding spells cast by faction mages during the smithing process. Once finished, the blade is bestowed upon the new entropy champion, who is allowed 33 days to rest and recover before charged with assuming their new mission.

An entropy blade can only be a sword; most often a short sword, but any type is possible. Each possesses a +2 enchantment as a base, and is considered as having the bane ability when used against the specific target it was bound to. Further, each blade has additional powers depending on the negative quasielement it is linked to.

  • An ash blade grants the bearer fire resistance 20 and allows them to case polar ray (CL 10th) three times per day.
  • A dust blade allows the bearer to ignore up to 20 points of damage from any stone or metal source and allows them to cast transmute rock to dust (as transmute rock to mud, CL 10th) once per day as a touch attack.
  • A salt blade allows the bearer to ignore up to 20 points of damage from any liquid source and allows them to cast lower water (as the control water spell, CL 10th) once per day.
  • A vacuum blade allows the bearer to ignore up to 20 points of damage from any gaseous or sonic source and allows them to cast ray of enfeeblement (CL 10th) three times per day.

The secret to crafting an entropy blade is unknown outside the Doomguard, and should any outside the faction obtain an entropy blade, they are sure to receive the entire faction's wrath until it is returned.


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