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Spanning a darkened street near the wall of Dis, God Street was established centuries ago by Dispater as an effort at collecting favor from new deities in the event that one of them may go on to reach greater success in the multiverse, offering those not yet powerful enough for their own realms a place to call their own. Open to any new deities whose outlook fits the ways of Baator, the tyrannical and overbearing alike, God Street holds dozens of hero- and quasi-deities whose origins can be found across the Prime, from the heroes or villains whose deeds have earned them a place among the divine by their contemporaries to the mythical, once-nonexistant figures that have spawned true life through force of faith alone.

Each new deity is granted their own structure on God Street, near to Dispater's base of power but far from his sight, where they may sculpt and form each to their whims. All are of nearly-inconceivable size, but their outer shells vary, from simple temples to endless physical fractals to ever-screaming statues to vortices to the unknown. Each is essentially its own demiplane, whether that takes the form of an interior too large for its bounds or a full (if small) universe shaped as its master desires.

God Street holds no cross streets, and appears to stretch on endlessly in both directions, a feature added that its inhabitants and those of the rest of Dis need not interact overly much. While its deities can call their worshipers to the Street, only those with a connection to the divine can find it otherwise, somehow navigating the maze of Dis to reach a neighborhood that should not be found. Finding God Street requires a DC 20 divine caster level check, with a -5 penalty if the caster is either good or chaotic; this penalty is cumulative.


  • Khandovar the Punisher - torture
  • Uin the Unseeing - blind obedience
  • Z'zelth of the Eighth Order - false knowledge


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