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Heart's Faith
LG large city
Corruption +2; Crime +2; Economy +4; Law +4; Lore +4; Society +5
Qualities academic, holy site, prosperous, strategic location, well educated
Danger +10; Disadvantages XXX
Location Mount Celestia/Lunia
Government theocracy
Population 15,000 (45% human, 10% aasimar, 10% halfling, 10% lantern archon, 5% dwarf, 5% lammasu, 15% other)
Notable NPCs

Lebes, mayor of Heart's Faith (Pl/♂ lammasu/LG)
Cauldronborn, vice-mayor of Heart's Faith (Pl/♂ aasimar/F3/LG)

Base Value 11,200 gp; Purchase Limit 75,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th

Once a gate-town long ago, today Heart's Faith serves as the major stopping point for visitors and pilgrims to Mount Celestia. This city provides succor and service to all such who come to visit, with open doors and trusting hearts, though watched over closely by the lammasu who call it home.

Heart's Faith stood on the Outlands some centuries hence, led as today largely by a set of lammasu faithful to the power Mitra known as the Winged Lions. Their faith and aid to those seeking passage to the Mount eventually led it to transition, though forcing a shift in status from a simple trading post to one of the most significant ports on the Mount. A massive reconstruction project was ordered, in which nearly the entire city was rebuilt more towards its newly-seaside home, bringing it to the same general structure it still holds today. Today it stands, as with many former gate-towns, as the first point of entry to most travel to the plane, located just a few dozen feet from the portal to Excelsior. Located conveniently near to Trishina's realm, and within easy distance to Nemmiron, it's only grown in prominence over the years since its transition. A major fire some 50 years back led the ruling body of lammasu to again rebuild the city nearly anew, as a shining gem to Mitra.

More recently, during the last Whitemoon conclave Heart's Faith was nearly devastated by the appearance of the unscheduled Modron March which had attempted passage through the city according to the layout predating the fire, as was the case during the previous March. Thanks to the actions of one Alvar Feldtspar and his companions, most of the worst was thankfully averted, resulting in major property damage but only minor injuries. On Lebes' return, a third reconstruction was ordered and is still ongoing, once more restoring Heart's Faith to its true glory, but restoring the old roads and walkways according to the prior Modron contract, hopefully ensuring such a disaster never again occurs.


Heart's Faith is ruled by a single mayor chosen by the Winged Lions upon the retirement or death of the previous. This mayor usually selects a harem of advisors, between three and five, to help him in his decisions, as well as a mortal vice-mayor to provide for rulership should he be called away.

Presently, the mayor of Heart's Faith is Lebes, advised by the lammasu Alamiel, Donachen, Hellison, and Sangariel. His current vice-mayor is the aasimar Cauldronborn, descendant of an aasimon with connections to the Great Cauldron of Arawn within the Grey Waste.


Heart's Faith is divided into three tiers, one above the next, that serve as city quarters, with roads leading between sections, including the main thoroughfare that leads to the city gates, Ascension. The lowest pier-adjacent tier is the Merchant's Tier, where most businesses or marketplaces are found. Next is Citizens' Rest, the residential area where most of the people of Heart's Faith dwell. Highest is Lions' Pride, where the dwelling places of the lawmakers and enforcers are found. It's on this highest tier that the lammasu themselves live, as well as the mortals charged with keeping the city running.

Heart's Faith contains many significant locations, including the Library of Heart's Faith — one of the main resources for any passing pilgrim — and the chapel of the Warriors of the Eternal Sun — a collection of paladins devoted to Mitra, as well as Kralina, a prophet of the deity that once made her home here ages hence.

  • Merchant's Tier
    • City Harbor
    • Dome of the Skies - city bazaar
    • Heart of the Mended Trust Orphanage
    • Olivar's - restaurant
    • Temple of Mitra - center of government
  • Citizens' Rest
    • Chapel of the Warriors of the Eternal Sun
    • Library of Heart's Faith
  • Lions' Pride



Map of Heart's Faith
A map of Heart's Faith with major roads marked  


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