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Found far from the roads of Dis, apart from the City and near to the gate to Azharul, the Knoll of Blades is one of many centers of research and development for the baatezu. This site can be found only by those who already know where to look, a pustule-like hill whose spires, unlike those across the rest of the layer, take the form of razor-sharp natural blades able to bisect a person by mere contact. Here, the kocrachon hold their studies, developing the many-varied surgical techniques for which they hold renown, and practicing their skills on whatever subjects they can capture and bring back to their home, eager to learn more of the physiology of mortal and immortal alike. Through practice and trial, each refines their skill in the blade to a level matched by few; not merely torture, but surgery of all varieties as well, from medicinal to transformational.

This site is also a place of power to the baatezu, for it is here that the rituals of promotion for the abishai must be performed — perhaps it is the proximity to Tiamat that empowers the Knoll, or perhaps the Knoll has drawn the gate near to its form, none can say which. Atop the knoll, the kocrachon engage in the surgical rites by which abishai are transformed into erinyes or barbazu upon promotion. Within its depths, the abishai are instead reforged into kocrachon and indoctrinated into all aspects of baatezu science and chirurgery at the School of Pain. Due to its importance, few non-baatezu are ever allowed here for long (but for the subjects of the kocrachon's experimentations, of course). However, on rare occasion, a figure well-honored by the baatezu will be sponsored by a noble and allowed to progress through its coursework, with vicious punishment to student and noble alike should they step out of line.


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