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This article lists all known deceased powers, along with their pantheons, areas of concern, and if known the means by which they were killed. Deities which have returned to life following their death are not listed here. Beings which are near-divinity but whose status as "power" is still questionable (i.e. quasi-powers, Abyssal Lords, Archdevils, etc.) are listed here for the sake of completeness.

Name Align AoC Pantheon Cause of Death
Alalu Pantheon of Marduk Slain by Anu
Amaunator LN law, rulership, sun Faerunian Pantheon Worshipper neglect
Andurias LG air, bravery, honor Cerilian Pantheon Slain in combat with Azrai
Aoskar N portals Slain by the Lady of Pain
Apaosha CE drought Yazatas Slain by Tishtrya
Apsû CE creation, fresh water Pantheon of Marduk Slain by Ea
Artha CE greed, lust Krynnish Pantheon Slain by Takhisis
Astaroth CE None Slain by Gargauth
Azrai NE deceit, monsters, power Cerilian Pantheon Slain by combined efforts of seven deities
Bane LE fear, hatred, tyranny Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Torm
Basaïa LN fire, intellect, knowledge, nobility, sun Cerilian Pantheon Slain in combat with Azrai
Beherit LE Archdevil Slain by Asmodeus
Bhaal LE murder Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Cyric and Mask
Brenna CN commerce, fortune Cerilian Pantheon Slain in combat with Azrai
Coyolxauhqui moon Tēteoh Slain by Huitzilopochtli
Dark God NE cold, darkness, decay Worshipper neglect
Elikarashae warriors Seldarine Worshipper neglect
Enki LN oceans, rivers Anunna Slain by Anshar and Nergal
Eshowdow CE cowardice, destruction, fear, ignominy, revenge, shadows Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Shar
Etmon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gilgeam LE battle, prowess, strength Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Tiamat
Gnomish Sister Gods Gnomish Pantheon Unknown
Gong Gong CE water Celestial Bureaucracy Suicide
Guroth motherhood Goblin Pantheon Died in childbirth
Hun Dun CN chaos Celestial Bureaucracy Slain by Hu and Shu
Ibrandul CN caverns, underdark Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Shar
Jirubar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kalzareinad NE draconic magic Draconic Pantheon Slain by Kereska
Karsus CN magic Faerunian Pantheon Slain by magical backlash
Khin NE Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kiga wereleopards Faerunian Pantheon Worshipper neglect
Kingu CE darkness Pantheon of Marduk Slain by Marduk
Kiputytto CE disease Pantheon of Ukko Slain by Talona
Kukul N creation, gold, stars Faerunian Pantheon Died from grief
Leira CN deception, illusion Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Cyric and Mask
Llassos Unknown Unknown Unknown
Maanzecorian LE knowledge, philosophy, secrets None Slain by XXXXXX
Masela NG mercy, protection, the sea Cerilian Pantheon Slain in combat with Azrai
Maztica N Faerunian Pantheon Killed by Zaltec
Migal Faerunian Pantheon Worshipper neglect
Moander CE corruption, decay Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Finder
Murdane LG pragmatism, reason Faerunian Pantheon Slain as a result of the Dawn Cataclysm
Myrkul NE the dead, decay Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Midnight
Mystra I LN magic Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Helm
Mystryl CN creativity, magic, song, time Faerunian Pantheon Slain by Karsus
One in the Void
Othea Giant Pantheon Slain by Lanaxis
Pangu N creation Celestial Bureaucracy Sacrificed self
Phissanol LG full moon Unknown Worshipper neglect
Phoenix planewalking, portals, travel Unknown Slain by unknown rivals
Primus (multiple) LN law, modrons None Various causes
Purusha Vedic Pantheon Sacrificed by the pantheon
Quirinus LN cities, war Numan Pantheon Worshipper neglect
Raggara Faerunian Pantheon Worshipper neglect
Ranet NG fire Oerthian Pantheon Slain by Pyremius
Ravana LE deception, intrigue, lies, rakshasas, tyranny Vedic Pantheon Slain by Rama
Reynir N nature Cerilian Pantheon Slain in combat with Azrai
Shajar Faerunian Pantheon Worshipper neglect
Siamorphe (multiple) LN nobles, royalty Faerunian Pantheon Mortality
Sons of Maglubiyet LE Goblin Pantheon Sent on suicide missions by Maglubiyet
Thuon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Togiir Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tyche N accidents, fate, fortune, luck, misfortune, trade Faerunian Pantheon Divided by multiple powers
Uke Mochi CN agriculture, food Kami Slain by Susanoo and Tsukuyomi
Uranus CE sky, stars Olympian Pantheon Slain by Cronus
Vorel Draconic Pantheon Slain by Tiamat
Vorynn CG magic, moon Cerilian Pantheon Slain in combat with Azrai
Yam-Nahar CE rivers, sea Ilhim Slain by Hadad
Ymir NE cold, frost giants, ice Giant Pantheon Slain by Odin, , and Vili
Zandilar CG joy, passion, tragedy Seldarine Absorbed by Sharess
Zem Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zinzerena (?) CE assassins, chaos Drow Pantheon Slain by Lolth
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