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Given that years in Sigil are most often tracked in terms of the factols of the Fraternity of Order, a list of said factols is quite handy to have for dating past events. This list is not guaranteed to be complete, but is as much so as can be expected. (In fact, it is confirmed to not be complete, as the Guvners are known to have been founded 982 years ago as of Factol's Manifesto, which obviously this list does not sum to.)

Name Length of Reign Known events
Clarille the Munificent >=12 years Discovery of layers 1-3 of the Abyss
Jarkopple the Inflexible >=9 years Discovery of layers 4-6 of the Abyss
Zander the Explorer >=25 years Discovery of layers 67-70 of the Abyss
Darvik 4 years Discovery of layers 71-72 of the Abyss
The child-factol Andalon >= 3 years Discovery of layer 73 of the Abyss
Soretti the Spider >=10 years Discovery of layers 74-88 of the Abyss
Masol the Just >=2 years Discovery of layer 113 of the Abyss
Jura >=3 years Discovery of layer 181 of the Abyss
Jaretta Unknown (700 years before present)
Karakor the Lawgiver >=21 years Discovery of layer 400 of the Abyss
Lariset the Inescapable Unknown (Direct predecessor of Hashkar)  
Hashkar 127 years (as of In the Cage and Factol's Manifesto)  


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