Mausoleum of Chronepsis

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Above, the realm of the draconic power Chronepsis appears as nothing more than a long-ruined, long-dead city in the seventh ring of the Outlands, within sight of the Realm of the Norns. Seemingly once a place of great power and populace, now little but the remnants of buildings stand here, worn down by nothing more than time; it's unknown if such a city ever did truly stand there, or if there have simply been nothing but ancient ruins since the birth of Chronepsis. Dotting the ground amongst the buildings here and there are tunnels below into the true realm, where the few proxies and petitioners of Chronepsis dwell. The air is thick with the scent of reptilian hide below, and the walls of the tunnels and caves are utterly lined with hourglasses, each representing the life of a single dragon somewhere out on the planes. At the center is the silent Chronepsis himself, never speaking word nor thought to any, even those that honor his name with their ways.


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