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Phialum bloom, a native blossom of the Outlands, has the interesting property of absorbing and storing feelings and emotions experienced in its vicinity. Any strong emotional expressions within 20 feet of phialum are keld within its petals. These emotions can later be released if the petals are brewed to make a tea or wine; the drinker experiences all the feelings held within. Some Sensates cultivate fields of phialum, using their products at celebrations or gatherings, and exposing them to specific sets of sensations to create different "blends" of flavor. Physically, the flower resembles a hibiscus, only colored a deep royal blue; the products of the phialum share this shade. Fresh, uncontaminated phialum tea has a dull, unremarkable flavor, while pure phialum wine has a taste most strongly reminiscent of chestnuts and cherry.

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