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Greater Power, "Pharaoh of the Gods"
Pantheon: Ennead
AoC: Sun, kings
Worshippers: {{{wor}}}
AL: LN WAL: Any lawful
Symbol: Ankh on solar disc
Home p/l/r: Arcadia/Buxenus/Heliopolis
Allies: None
Enemies: None
Favored Weapon: Khopesh
Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Sun, War
Subdomains: {{{subdomain}}}
Known Proxies: Adnus Skorpios (Px/♂ human/P15 [Ra]/LG); the Sphinx (Px/∅ androsphinx/HD 15/LG)


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  • On Hallowed Ground, pg. 86