Rock of Bral

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Rock of Bral
CN large city
Corruption +3; Crime +4; Economy +4; Law -2; Lore +1; Society +5
Qualities defensible, free city, insular, notorious, trading post
Danger +25
Location Prime Material Plane
Government council
Population 12,500 (60% human, 10% half-elf, 8% dwarf, 5% gnome, 5% halfling, 12% other)
Notable NPCs

Prince Andru, head of the government (Pr/♂ human/aristocrat 5/wizard 4/NE)
Morgan Kullek, major power of the Council of Nobles (Pr/♂ human/aristocrat 7/LE)
Tarilia Moune, major power of the Council of Captains (Pr/♀ human/fighter 11/CG)

Base Value 10,400 gp; Purchase Limit 125,000 gp; Spellcasting 7th

One of the more significant trading posts in Wildspace, the Rock of Bral is a small asteroid in Greyspace with a population of just over 12000, that despite its size sees more activity than most planetbound cities in the three chief crystal spheres. The Rock of Bral is a recent settlement, having been founded less than 200 years ago, but in that time it's become the main port of call for any number of trading companies, including service to and from the planes. In fact, most planar trade companies with a presence in Wildspace tend to choose the Rock of Bral as their headquarters due to its vast popularity amongst interstellar trade on the Prime.

The Rock of Bral is ruled by a merchant prince advised by three councils: the Council of the City representing the various neighborhoods, the Noble Council representing the landowners, and the Council of Captains representing all shipowners. These bodies do the majority of governing work, but the last word is still always held by the city's Prince. Still, there's little in the way of actual law on the Rock, with the citizenry mostly self-policing in all but the most serious of offenses. While a fairly open community for the most part, the Rock is still tightly managed in some key aspects, including availability of food and water and quality of air; being such a small community, they carefully balance and regulate their resources and needs of each in order to sustain themselves.


  • Rock of Bral
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