Sea of Basilia

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The Sea of Basilia is a rare example of a Hinterlands landmark, located Chaos-wards within the Outlands. Most prominently near Glorium, this body of water adjoins a number of small villages and towns in that vicinity. The majority of activity on the Sea of Basilia occurs on the near end of the Hinterlands; nothing is known of the far end (assuming one exists) due to the innate properties of that realm. The Watergate, Glorium's primary portal to Ysgard, is also found within the Sea.

Quite heavy with life, the Sea of Basilia helps sustain nearly all the townships that span its shore, including Glorium itself. Many species of freshwater fish, including perch, burbot, roach, and bream, can be found within its waters, and a few deep fishing expeditions have reported both normal creatures — including mackerel and anchovies — and examples of the strange wildlife that is sometimes found within the Hinterlands — miniature kraken, furred mudskippers, and shark-like eels have all been reported. No large predatory species are known, suggesting that the sea is either recent or infinite, but biologists are yet to determine the impact of the metaphysical properties of the Hinterlands on migratory patterns and reproduction due to the difficulty of expeditions there. Additionally, no major populations of intelligent life are known here, though underwater ruins similar to those found elsewhere in the Hinterlands have been noted by occasional explorers.

Besides the Watergate, no known portals are located within the Sea of Basilia, though as of yet there has been no concentrated effort to discover any such. However, it is known that a tributary of the River Oceanus feeds into the Sea, providing for the potential for cross-planar transit if one could overcome its currents.

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