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Lesser Power
Pantheon: Reptilian Pantheon
AoC: Survival, propagation, fertilitylizardfolk
Worshippers: Lizardfolk
Symbol: Reptile egg
Home p/r: Outlands/Semuanya's Bog
Allies: None
Enemies: Sess'innek
Favored Weapon: Greatclub
Domains: Animal, Community, Protection, Repose, Scalykind
Subdomains: Ancestors, Defense, Family, Feather, Home, Saurian
Known Proxies: Spirit Scale (Pr/♂ lizardfolk/druid 18/N)

An amoral deity, Semuanya is concerned with little beyond the survival of her chosen people, the lizardfolk. Other concerns are simply irrelevant to the deity, and seen as little-to-no import. As a result of this, Semuanya rarely interacts with other deities, and has no appreciable allies or enemies amongst the divine ranks. Even Sess'innek is of little concern to Semuanya, despite his distortions of Semuanya's people, the lizard kings.

For those of Semuanya's faith, the first concern above all is the safety and well-being of the tribe, and of those individuals that make up the tribe. Her goals are aptly summarized in the main dogma of the belief: "Survive. Adapt. Thrive." Unlike Sess'innek, who favors blatant expansion, Semuanya pushes for more metered growth; while expansion is certainly necessary at times, even violent expansion, it should be done only as necessary, for every time a lizardfolk is killed, it makes the tribe that much weaker.


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