Spatial mirror

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School conjuration; Level magus 1, sorcerer/wizard 1
Casting Time 1 day
Components V,S,F (specially-prepared mirror)
Range personal
Target one mirror
Duration permanent

This spell, when cast, creates from the reflection of a room within the focus an extradimensional space perfectly representing that room at the time of casting. The mirror must be fixed in place upon the wall of the room during its preparation, and if moved or shattered the portal closes, though the extradimensional space continues to exist and can be accessed as before if the mirror is replaced. On casting, all the contents of the room reflected are similarly duplicated, though not any living beings within it. Those contents cannot be removed from the extradimensional space, however, and anything added to the room after casting is not similarly duplicated within the space. Any doors in the room duplicated in the space are sealed and impossible to open, and the surfaces of the duplicated room cannot be damaged in any way. This spell simply fails if the room to be duplicated is larger than 20 feet in any dimension.

Close observation of such a mirror produces a double-image, where both the reflection of the room and the extradimensional space beyond can be seen overlaid on top of one another. Portals created by this spell cannot be accessed unless the reflection can be seen; thus, anything which prevents the perception of the reflection (such as a curtain, black paint across the mirror surface, or even a blindfold) blocks both entrance and exit from the extradimensional space.

The greatest aspect of this spell is unlocked when two such mirrors are placed opposite one another, and the spell cast on each. If the mirrors were prepared by differing casters, then the mirrors simply shatter outwards as the contrasting energies build upon one another. If prepared by the same caster, however, the extradimensional spaces are duplicated infinitely just the same as the reflections themselves. This can even be continued in more than a simple line; a room with four such mirrors placed in it will create an infinite grid of rooms which can be accessed just as normal, rather than two infinite lines of spaces stretching off forever. The environment in these duplicated rooms, however, grows increasingly unnerving and off the further one travels from the originating room: small details appearing wrong, light dimmer than it ought to be, the air thinner and with a heavy chill. Some believe that given a far enough journey, a traveler could even transcend the construct of extradimensional spaces and enter the Plane of Mirrors proper.

The mirror required for this spell requires one year of preparation to create, but once created can be used as a focus from then on.

This spell can only be learned and cast by the kamerel or those trained by them.

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