Tarsheva Longreach

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Tarsheva Longreach
N Female human fighter 17
Home: Sigil
Allies: Indeps, Ronassic of Sigil
Enemies: Fated
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Tarsheva Longreach is perhaps the best-known planewalker in Sigil. Having personally explored the planes for nearly 30 years now, she knows more about their many-varied ways and dangers than even most Guvners or greybeards. In her travels, she's gone through every plane and seemingly every realm of existence, giving her a special reputation as the tout of the Multiverse; unlike most, she's even traveled the Inner, Astral, and Ethereal as much as, if not more than, the Outer Planes, giving her a truly multiversal perspective. When not out-of-town, she can be found in any of the various taverns of the Cage, often caught up in conversation sharing her knowledge and experience with all comers, equally willing to advise planar or clueless alike about the ways of Sigil and the wider planes. She has a special loathing for cony-catchers, especially those that would attempt to peel the less informed or those that boast of their knowledge via falsehoods, tall tales, and misinformation.

Recently, she's cooperated with an anonymous writer to record her many-varied pieces of advice and her observations and recommendations for the vast planes. This book, the Planewalker's Handbook, has within mere months become one of the fastest-selling books in Sigil, already seen as nearly a requirement for those starting their travels throughout the multiverse.


  • A Guide to the Astral Plane, pg.4
  • A Guide to the Ethereal Plane, pg.4
  • The Inner Planes, pp.64-68
  • Planewalker's Handbook
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