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Thanatos, the Belly of Death, is the 113th layer of the Abyss, first recorded in the Lexicon of the Abyss in the second year of Factol Masol the Just, or Hashkar -685.[1] Once the realm of XXXXXX, since his murder some 200 years ago this land has been the home of the demigoddess Kiaransalee. This land is a land of death, hostile to all life. The very realm itself strikes at the living; not only is it saturated with negative energy that sustains the dead and sickens the living, but the air here is as thin as a mountain's peak and the soil is as dead as salt. Only the most tenacious of life can grow here, the most stubborn of plants and a handful of insects. It's rare that any but the Dustmen dare to enter the realm, though that faction has held outposts here for centuries.[2]

In the summer, Kiaransalee rules over the plane from the Forbidden Citadel, a fortress shaped as the goddess herself in the center of Lachrymosa, a city on the Styx that stands as one of the few places in the realm hospitable to mortal life. In the winter, she rules from Naratyr, City of the Dead, a necropolis found where the Styx pours onto the Frozen Sea, where vampires, spectres, and banshees all quarrel for an audience with her and the living are few and far between.


Notes and References

  1. Confusion due to a later-discovered portal to the Frozen Sea, thought at the time to have been a new layer, briefly led to Thanatos becoming mistakenly dual-recorded as the 333rd layer as well. While this misidentification was later corrected upon further investigation, some rare older editions of the Lexicon of the Abyss were published that refer to the 333rd layer as the Frozen Sea rather than Broken Scale.
  2. Any living being on Thanatos must pass a DC 15 Fortitude save each hour or gain one step of fatigue, passing out for one hour if already exhausted. Anyone that dies upon Thanatos animates within an hour as an undead most befitting the nature of their death, or a zombie if nothing especially applies. This realm is especially beneficial to the necromantic arts, though, as the entire layer is affected as though by a desecrate spell. Further, any undead creature gains fast healing 3 on Thanatos; this does not stack with any fast healing they may already have.
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