The Flats

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A very strange region, this entire realm is formed of one vast, perfectly-reflective sheet of salt beneath an empty, airless void. As a result, it gives the distinct impression to travelers within of walking in the endless void of Vacuum while still having ground underfoot. This region has normal gravity, serving as the border between Salt and Vacuum much in the same manner as Precipice. Ascending up through the void brings one to the plane of Vacuum, while digging below ground (or falling through the rare gap in the sheet) brings one towards Salt.

This region has no landmarks, no significant sites, and no markers of any sort. While the ground can be marred, it seems to heal itself over time. As such, an elemental compass or similar item is even more necessary here than elsewhere in the Inner Planes. From the Flats, one can eventually walk to either the Crystal Range or the Stinging Storm, provided one walks in the proper direction; the wrong direction will lead only to an eternity of wandering.

Inhabitants of Salt are uncommon in this region due to the odd nature of the substance here, but for dessicators which can of course be found anywhere. The incorporeal undead of Vacuum, however, often find themselves drawn here for unknown reasons. The occasional salt animental will also find itself stumbling into this region, most commonly closer to its two bordering realms.

Some report that due to the nature of this region as one endless mirror, scrying spells can be used here to immense power with the proper rituals; this has yet to be substantiated, however. Similarly, others claim that portals to the little-understood Demiplane of Mirrors, though again, these are little more than rumors and hearsay at this point.

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