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Bechard, the immense, whale-like Lord of Tempests, was once one of the premiere forces in the Abyss, an obyrith lord whose life spanned to the very beginning of the plane. Keeping his personal realm within the layer today known as Yeenoghu's Realm, he claimed a wide swathe of the surface of the Abyssian Ocean as his domain, holding rule much as Pazuzu today claims dominion over the skies and striking out at any that would challenge his claim with the full force of Abyssal weather, striking with profane bolts of energy from the skies above or rains of deadly sulfuric acid at all foes. Beyond his realm, he held many allegiances, his greatest being that with Dagon, Lord of the Deep. Similarly, he held a number of devastating feuds with others, including once having been one of four figures fighting dominance over Pazunia with Pazuzu, Ubothar the Festering, and Cabiri the Watching Master.

As with most obyrith lords, he bowed to the rule of the Queen of Chaos after the death of Obox-ob, sending his aquatic servitors off against the forces of Law. Following the War Between Law and Chaos, though, he succumbed to the attacks of the treacherous tanar'ri just as many of his fellow obyriths. His armies were slain or turned and his domain was chipped away by strikes by the powerful myrmyxicuses, eventually forcing him to his home realm where he was forced to land and slaughtered. His death was not the end, though, his mind sealed within his rotting form by virtue of the horrid magicks used to slay him. Bearing no consciousness, merely a mindless awareness of his life, used as nothing but a brainless font of knowledge for countless millennia: first by the fallen Azael the Ensnared, and presently by Yeenoghu, Prince of Gnolls, today naught but Bechard, the Rotting Husk.


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