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The 422nd layer of the Abyss, the uncreatively-named Yeenoghu's Realm is as deadly as the god himself, with sickly yellow knife-sharp grass, jaundiced soil saturated with parasites and disease, and a vast expanse of fulvid, brackish water deadly as venom, all beneath a bloated red sun that scorches the earth and those upon it. But Yeenoghu isn't the first master of this realm; long ago, this realm was home of Azael the ensnared before his death at the hands of the god-killer Ma Yuan, and before that it was home to the obyrith lord Bechard. Even today, their influence touches the realm that would be his, Yeenoghu still lacking the power to take the entire layer for his own.

Yeenoghu himself rules the realm from a great manor built of the cracked bones of those that have displeased him, a great edifice the size of a city set upon massive stone rollers and pulled by his thousands of slaves to lead him around the Dun Savanna, that portion of his realm he holds the most sway over, making a full cycle each year while pausing at each of his most significant holdings, the varied cities under his rule and the great Gathering Gate that connects him to the Material Plane. Joining him in this realm is any number of his followers and petitioners, as well as a few of his ally and underling Doresain; mostly gnolls and ghouls, but a good number from all peoples can be found here. On occasion, small outposts of escaped slaves can be found too, but such places tend not to last especially long in this realm.

Beyond the Dun Savanna, the realm of Yeenoghu is bordered to the "west" by the venomous, yellow-leafed Seeping Woods, an endless forest of twisted, deadly trees. To the "north", the Screaming Peaks line the edge of the Dun Savanna, a barrier keeping out any that would seek the last surviving remnant of Azael's influence upon the realm. And to the "east", the Curswallow, a vast sea that links eventually with the Abyssian Ocean.



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