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The Cat Lord's Prowl is a silent realm, but not the silence of peace. This wandering realm instead is the silence before the storm; the brief pause before a pounce and a quick death for any unlucky enough to be caught unaware. This is the Cat Lord's realm, though often shared by Ferrix, goddess of weretigers, and they and their pride stalk this land, located deep within the misty glades and hillocks of Brux.

The Cat Lord's pride consists of a wide variety of felines — cheetahs, jaguars, spotted lions, mountain lions, tigers, smilodons, elven cats, leopards, and even winged cats — and when Ferrix joins her, a number of weretiger and werejaguar petitioners come along as well. Not all cat petitioners within the Beastlands are allowed to join the pride, however. Only those who best exemplified the qualities of the feline whose form they now take are invited to join the Cat Lord's pride, and it is a great honor to be so allowed.

When active, the Cat Lord and her pride are always hunting the Prowl, stalking in feline form for those with the ability to shift, consuming prey almost to the point of emptying the land entirely. When their hunger drains the realm to the point of near-imbalance, she and her pride move on to better hunting grounds; thus, this realm may not always be in the last place a berk encountered it, though it is always located in a copse near a water source. When inactive, however, they are most often found resting in a tree's lower branches in the center of the Prowl, resting for the next hunt; the Cat Lord herself may be found in or out of feline form, while Ferrix prefers to take her hybrid form when not on a hunt.

This trick of the Prowl extends to any who may end up within its borders as well; those who rest here get comfort in any position, even with full armor strapped on. Much like a cat, they can rest themselves in any fashion and drift right to sleep, without a bit of ache in the morning, and even healed a bit more than they would outside. (Spellcasters need only rest half the time to regain spells, and wounds heal at a rate of 1d3 per day in the Prowl.) Besides this boon, however, and perhaps a meal of raw meat, there is little to be found within the Prowl for outsiders; those who enter should make sure they have business with the Cat Lord first.

Those who do enter are soon found by servants of the Cat Lord. If they manage to avoid being eaten, they are brought before the lord, who interrogates them in her laconic way about the reason for their visit. If visitors don't sufficiently praise the fickle ruler of this realm, however, they will quickly fall victim to the pride. Those who do satisfy the Cat Lord's vanity, however, may be invited on the next hunt, or at least allowed to rest within the realm and reap its benefits without risk from the other cats that dwell within.



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