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Lesser Power, "Mother Tigress"
AoC: Play, curiosity, hunting, weretigers, werejaguars
Worshippers: weretigers, werejaguars
Symbol: Green cat's eyes
Home p/l/r: Beastlands/Brux/Cat Lord's Prowl
Allies: Balador
Enemies: Daragor, Eshebala
Favored Weapon: natural
Domains: Animal, Knowledge, Nobility, Travel, Trickery
Subdomains: Aristocracy, Deception, Exploration, Fur, Innuendo, Memory
Known Proxies: None

A mercurial goddess, even flighty, Ferrix is quite possessed with the curiosity so often associated with felines. Sharing the Cat Lord's Prowl with the titular animal lord, she is rarely found here, instead prowling the Beastlands for anything that happens to catch her fancy alongside her retinue of weretigers and werejaguars. Just about anything can draw her interest, from a hidden magical secret to an odd geological formation. When not searching up a new find, however, she often spends her time hunting.

Though rarely outright hostile, Ferrix is quite vain, and if teased can turn spiteful and vicious quickly. She is also in the habit of stalking others before speaking to them outright, a habit which has often encouraged ill will towards her and given her a somewhat negative reputation. Though easily offended, she is quite susceptible to flattery, however, and always appreciates the gift of a gemstone, though she considers beauty above worth; a well-cut piece of quartz is worth much more to her than a poorly-cut diamond. In contrast to her brother, Balador, Ferrix is not especially wise, thinking more of the moment than long-term concerns. She is quite intelligent, however, having picked up a great deal of knowledge through her explorations, and always craving more. When encountered, Ferrix's avatar is almost exclusively in either hybrid or feline form, her fur having a beautiful honey-brown sheen in either shape. She's never been known to manifest in a purely-human form, though most assume this a matter of preference rather than lack of ability; she is a goddess, after all.

As mentioned, Ferrix is the brother of Balador, and it is said the two of them were once servitors of a greater, though unnamed, deity of nature. Though Balador had the opportunity to be granted his freedom in exchange for loyal service to that deity, he refused to take such unless his sister was similarly released from service. Though the truth to this story is yet unknown, the two do seem to be fairly close. Ferrix is also known to be a close friend of the Cat Lord, as seen by their shared realm. The two are often known to hunt together within the Prowl, and both share a special enmity for Bast, who often encroaches on their respective domains through claims of rulership over all felines, animal and humanoid both. As her brother, Ferrix has no priests, on the Beastlands or beyond. And though Ferrix has no true proxies either, she has a number of petitioners near her at all times, working alongside her in her hunts and explorations.


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