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This sickening, undulating realm, the 558th layer of the Abyss as cataloged by the Guvners, is the lair of the Abyssal lord Dwiergus, the Chrysalis Prince. Much as its lord, the land is a constantly shifting expanse of flesh; mountains of bone bursting through the fleshy ground, furrows becoming lakes as blood or bile rain from the heavens, forests of hair and cartilage growing in days only to rot away in same. And at the command of Dwiergus, new fiends come forth from the very land itself, erupting from great boils or climbing from pools of raw protoplasm, formed by his own desire. It's believed that most of the varied forms of obyrith first had their origins from the machinations of Dwiergus; sibriex in particular are common sights in the realm.

By far the most significant location in the realm is the great Chitin Palace, a massive structure hovering above an equally massive maelstrom in the center of a massive ocean of molten flesh; a keep believed to be nothing more than an outgrowth of Dwiergus itself. From here, Dwiergus watches over the entire realm, meeting with those that seek his knowledge in the crafting of fiends — Demogorgon, Baphomet, and Lolth are known to be common visitors to his realm — and from here, he guides the manifestation of flesh pools; cauldrons of raw creation found in the varied realms of the Abyss, small portals into the Fleshforges from which their lords spawn their minions, in forms both new and old.


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