Grove of the Unicorns

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The Grove of the Unicorns, home to two goddesses of three pantheons (Ehlonna of Oerth and Mielikki of the Finnish and Torilian pantheons), is as the name suggests a paradise for unicorns, amongst other creatures. Much bigger on the inside than the outside, it appears as nothing more than a dense copse of trees in the middle of a forest somewhere in Krigala, shifting location from time to time. Friends of nature may occasionally spy a unicorn drinking from a crystal pool at the center of the copse. If he does, the realm will reveal itself to him in full, unfolding around him and presenting its full glory to him. Those unworthy, however, won't see the unicorn, and may walk right through the grove without suspecting a thing about it.

The Grove, much as the rest of the Beastlands, is fairly empty, containing nothing but the wildlife that enjoy its bounty. Unlike some realms in this plane, petitioners here are of animal form just like those outside the purview of any specific deity. There are rumors of strange towns within this realm, but these are as of yet unfounded.

This realm is a bit new in the grand scheme of things. Mielikki once had no realm, instead wandering the Prime and hunting for despoilers of nature. Since then, however, she gained this shared realm alongside her friend and ally, Ehlonna. Here, all those who devote themselves to the protection of nature are welcome.



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