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Krigala, also known as the domain of eternal noon, is the uppermost layer of the Beastlands. The sun Selera shines her light down on this land endlessly; in some areas, it scorches the earth to form arid deserts and savannahs, while in others, it barely penetrates the thick canopy of rain forests or jungles.

The River Oceanus runs through this layer, dividing it in two. Deciduous forests and jungles are most common along the banks of Oceanus, and it is along the river that life is most luxuriant for both plant and animal. Plains, veldt, and desert reveal themselves further from its waters, the land rising in altitude as it moves from the river. The desert soon breaks into highlands, hills, pine tree-covered mountains, arctic tundra, and glacial fields, laid out without any rhyme or reason beyond the general rule of higher altitude resulting in lower temperature. Though nothing so insane as a glacier next to a tropical desert can be found, the terrain of Krigala is fairly patchwork.

Yggdrasil also winds its way through the layer, with limbs of the World Ash found within the sylvan forests at the peaks of the mountains that define Krigala's borders. Here can be found both pers and ratatosks, defending the tree from outsiders; the ratatosk tribes around the tree go so far as to worship it, considering themselves its chosen ones.

Other inhabitants of Krigala are those creatures which act most commonly in the daylight hours. Having no night to encumber them, they can move when they wish and rest when they wish, unencumbered by the cycles of time. Lions, zebras, deer, hawks, and eagles count themselves among the numerous animals that fill the layer.[1]


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